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Staff Picks: Week 1 Recap

Week 1 has come and gone, you can say what you will about the quality of the games, but at the end of the day there is football on TV and I won't complain on principle... EVEN THOUGH CLEMSON WAS UP 34 IN THE 3RD QUARTER AND BLEW IT.

UNC pulled some fourth quarter magic to beat the spread after leading just 10-6 after 3 before a 21-0 4th quarter gets the job done. UNC over Syracuse 31-6

ULL dominated start to finish, and had 2 return TDs (one kick and one punt) to beat Iowa State outright. UL Lafayette over Iowa State 31-14

Kansas State -13 was never the right side, as Arkansas State was stingy on defense and pulled some trick plays out of the hat to keep themselves in it before ultimately winning outright. Arkansas State over Kansas State 35-31

Ian Book absolutely crushed any hope of ND covering the spread, but a steady dose of the run game gives them the win. ND over Duke 27-13

Florida State and Georgia Tech dealt with multiple weather delays, and FL St just looks like the same old FL St team we've seen the last few years. Bad OL, bad QB. Georgia Tech over Florida State 16-13

Clemson was up 34 points in the 3rd quarter... then they put in the backups and Wake Forest won the 4th quarter 10-0. Clemson was the right side. Clemson over Wake Forest 37-13.

Louisville and QB Mecole Cunningham were electric on offense, and did just enough on defense to keep them above the spread. Louisville over Western Kentucky 35-21.

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