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  • Scott Martin

Seven Up: Staff NCAAF Picks – Week 4

Last week, I assured you that once we hit conference play, we’d have a full slate of exciting games every week…

Last week, I was wrong.

With only two ranked matchups, this week proved even more challenging than the last to find seven top tier games. Not to worry, we’ve weeded through the nonsense and dredged up our most attention-worthy games of the week, and when in doubt, we’re never afraid to throw our own Spartans in the mix. Here are our top games this week, our picks, and the season standings so far:

Seven Up Week 4

The Bulldogs, Horned Frogs and Badgers earn unanimous support this week. I’m a bit surprised to see so many picking against the Tide at home, regardless of the spread (but maybe there’s a reason none of these other guys are on top…). Kevin stays true to his prediction in his MSU vs Indiana Preview and the final two games, a pair of games with heavy Pac-12 implications, earn a split with the crew.

Happy garbage time,


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