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Seven Up: Staff NCAAF Picks Week 12

Filling in for this week in the last-minute edition of the staff picks.  Give us a break we have jobs and shit.  Starting with a quick look at where we stand to this point of the season (spoiler alert.. I’m dominating)

KP: 9-4-1

Scott: 5-8-1

Doc: 5-8-1

Marsh: 5-8-1


Texas @ West Virginia (-3)

Virginia @ Miami (-19.5)

Michigan @ Wisconsin (-7.5)

Kansas State @ Oklahoma State (-20)

Texas A&M @ Ole Miss (+1.5)

UCLA @ USC (-15.5)

Cal @ Stanford (-14)


KP: West Virginia, Miami, Michigan, OK St, Ole Miss, USC, Stanford

Doc: West Virginia, Miami, , OK St, A&M, USC, Cal

Scott: Texas, Miami, Michigan, OK St, A&M, USC, Stanford


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