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Preseason Week 2 Recap

I’ll preface this by saying I had great seats and a few beers through this game so my grammar and spelling will be off, and my takes might be spicy. I kept an eye on a few key players I hope to make an impact this year and wanted to give an up close perspective on the all important 2nd preseason game. Without further a-due here we go.

For starters it’s great to see Ziggy back on the field looking healthy, he took advantage of almost all of his pass rush opportunities through the beginning of the game to at least get some pressure on the QB. He also had a great play in the run game crashing down on Jonathan Stewart in the late 1st quarter. He should earn this money if he plays all 16 games and I think he will end up with 14ish sacks this year.

Jarrad Davis still can’t cover. Next.

Darius Slay is truly a top 5 CB in the league. His closing speed and ball skills are truly special, he’s got a great feel for the position, and it never feels like he’s out of position. He was a draft pick that made me scratch my head at the time (he was the 2nd corner to Jonathan Banks at Miss St) but he’s proved that to be the steal of his draft class.

Theo Riddick is going to be a Lion for a long ass time and I’m okay with that. He’s a stud in the passing game, he’s really good in open field, and he’s a capable pass blocking back.

As much as I’m excited for the potential of this starting offensive line I’m starting to reserve my judgement of the group. They’ve yet to show anything in the running game to prove they can consistently open holes and give this offense the push in the running game we need. Ragnow looks very good, individually we have good talent but we haven’t gotten the push we need from the starting unit to get excited about. I still feel good about the potential of this unit by the end of the season but expect some growing pains and a frustrating start to the season.

The gray team at the Little Kid half-time 4 way scrimmage is full of future NFL players. 12 year olds out here running the read option out of the pistol, unbelievable.

Brandon Powell had a nice punt return that was taken back early in the 3rd quarter, and I’m sure fans will give him credit and continue to hype him up to make a roster spot. He was tackled by the punter. No further comments.

I want the snail to be good so bad. Teez Tabor is a technically sound player, physical at the line of scrimmage, and he reads his receiver well to be sticky on the hip for most players and most routes. That being said I’ll never trust him on an island against any top 30 receiver in the league. He has no straight line speed and I see potential deep balls every time he lines up in press.

Well that’s was my slightly sober thoughts through the 2nd lions pre-season game. I wish I saw Saquon for fantasy football sake but I can live with that.


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