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  • Scott Martin

Mock Draft 3.0 Trade Analysis

Another link to the mock incase you missed it:

Broncos trade round 1 pick 5 to Bills

  1. Broncos receive round 1 pick 5, round 2 pick 21, round 3 pick 1

  2. Bills go up and get their Quarterback while the Broncos pick up more picks to improve depth for a roster with many needs.

Ravens trade round 1 pick 16 to Panthers

  1. Ravens receive round 1 pick 24, round 3 picks 21 and 24.

  2. Panthers go up and fill their biggest need with the top CB on the board while the Ravens move back and are still able to complete their line.

Seahawks trade round 1 pick 18 and round 5 pick 9 to Browns

  1. Seahawks receive round 2 picks 1 and 32 and round 4 pick 14.

  2. As McGlinchey falls, Cleveland pounces. Seattle with only 2 picks in the top 120 trades back to give them 4 top 120 selections to improve a depleted roster.

Vikings trade round 1 pick 30 to Giants

  1. Vikings receive round 2 pick 2 and round 4 pick 8.

  2. Because of their stellar drafting, the Vikings have few needs and pick up a 4th rounder which they did not have. Giants go and get their RB to set next to Darnold.

Jets trade round 3 pick 8 and round 4 pick 7 to Texans

  1. Jets receive round 3 picks 16 and 34 and round 6 pick 3.

  2. Houston drafts another offensive weapon, trying to make the most of their late draft picks. Jets are able to improve on their 4th rounder and add a late round pick to add depth.

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