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  • Scott Martin

How do you do?

I’d like to start off the StandingRoomSports empire with a brief introduction.  We’re a few college graduates (loose definition) who are already bored enough with the real world that we decided to quit our jobs and start a blog.  I’m not putting any pressure on myself or my fellow compadres when I say that if this blog fails, camping might turn from a weekend hobby to my full-time living arrangements.  I am confident in my personal experience as the award-winning author of my fantasy football league’s weekly recap, the world-renowned Raider Review, so I am not even a little bit worried.  Detroit sports, Michigan State sports, UofM sports (if you also follow mgoblog I’m not saying this isn’t the blog for you, but an open mind is a requirement) and everything in between will be covered as we attempt to entertain at least a couple people in the process.  Target audience is anybody so beyond obsessed with the Michigan sports scene that they follow us fools on this great undertaking in making conversation about the future of the Detroit Tigers and the current state of the Wings entertaining and fun.

PS haven’t actually quit our careers (yet).. we’re not lunatics you know (yet).


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